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Sapient  provides a listing of residential and commercial properties in premier locations like JVC and Meydan area. Check out our best selling

Chaimaa Premiere(JVC)

Bedrooms: Studio, One & Two

La Riviera Apartments

Bedrooms: 1 & 2 Bedroom

Beverly Residence(JVC)

Bedrooms: Studio, One, Two & Three

Bloom Heights

Bedrooms: Studio,1 ,2 & 3Bedrooms

Belgravia Heights

Bedrooms: Studio,1 & 2

Oxford Residence II(JVC)

Bedrooms: Studio,1 ,2 & 3Bedrooms​

What our Client Says

agents are professional,kind, honest and helpful and recommend them to anyone looking for a place to stay.I will give them five star out of 5 stars for excellence.Great experience working with sapient real state they truely are the best real state agents in the town.

Coutomer Satisfaction 100%

just wanted to convey our deepest gratitude for all your support since we first are a thorough professional and the transparent communication,helped us big time in taking the decision for the lovely flat at spica.thanks and warm regards.

Coutomer Satisfaction 100%

i have rented my house in barsha through this company.they have been cooprative during the view period.
very patient with the annoying attitude as i was hard to convince along with my wife.during finalizing the deal and agreement they showed very flexible cordination.

Coutomer Satisfaction 100%
Our Company Services
Sapient  offers comprehensive and end-to-end real estate and property management solutions to individuals and businesses.

In order to attract Buyers, Sellers & Tenants quickly, We advertise properties throughout our vast marketing network. This network includes the Sapient Real Estate Brokers Website, daily print advertising, strategically targeted email campaigns, Digital Marketing Campaigns, location signage and portals.

When your property is ready for lease, the details are immediately displayed on our website, and CRM portal viewed by over 3,000 unique individuals every day. Upon seeing your property online, potential tenants are able to gather important details, view photos, and even print an accurate location map of the property using satellite imagery from Google Maps.

Finally, sapeint Real Estate Brokers maintains a dedicated admin personal to track and distribute customer requirements to the appropriate leasing consultant. A vast number of leasing enquiries can be handled in this way. In tandem, our agents maintain live lists of those clients with whom they are working to resolve requirements efficiently.

Any legal Issues raised in conjunction with tenant issues will be dealt with by Sapient Real Estate Brokers’ legal team accordingly and promptly with the Property Owner’s consent.

However, the fees for any such cases forwarded to the Dubai Courts or Rent Committee and not recoverable from The Tenant will be borne by the Property Owner. Our legal team along with our Property Management team will provide full advice on the cases and any proceeding action deemed necessary.

Landlords and property owners will be assigned a dedicated Property Administrator who will be responsible for conducting in-depth property inspections to maintain the property’s value and manage repairs.

If your property does happen to require maintenance, we arrange for such maintenance to be undertaken in a professional manner. Repairs are closely monitored for quality and the work is carried out so as to cause as little inconvenience to your tenants as possible.

Properties are recommended to take advantage of Annual Maintenance Contracts in order to save money in the long-term by preventing large- scale maintenance problems.

The Property Administrator will maintain a register of the commencement and expiry details of all leases on our computerized management system. All lease renewals will be handled and completed by the Property Administrator.

Requests from tenants will be submitted to the management office. All such requests will then be submitted to the Property Owner for consent along with our recommendations and all of the necessary information regarding the request. During the day-to-day running of your property, the Property Administrator will identify any breaches of the lease agreement or rules and regulations of the unit by the tenants. We will advise on the appropriate course of action for each individual case.

Why Choose sapient Real brokers

Trust & Honesty

Our team of multilingual consultants and workforce provide clients with honest recommendations and transparent results, whether it’s about their property search or the status of a particular listing

Result Oriented

Our competent consultants and agents are always on the look for the best real estate investments that would fit our clients’ requirements. Our client-centered approach enables us to identify what kind of opportunities and investments they would like to explore.

The Best Experience

We ensure that every client will get excellent service and their every need is met with satisfaction. Our dedicated team will provide the necessary assistance for smooth-sailing transactions.

The Best Choice

Truthfulness is our primary value and it defines our passion to build a solid and no-nonsense relationship with our clients. This quality is our main drive to provide the best brokerage services in real estate industry